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Conferences I've been to

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I thought it’d be fun to collect a list of all conferences I’ve been to. There were a lot of them; at least seventy it seems. Maybe we’ve even crossed paths somewhere.




I started giving talks this year. Topics were weird stuff in Scala’s type systems. In hindsight, I thought the talks were pretty bad, but the organizers let me speak again, so thanks for that!


I didn’t give a talk at Scala Days 2012, but in many ways it was a pivotal conference for me. I met countless people from the Scala community. I still remember Erik Osheim explaining specialization to me in a pub near the Barbican (I still know exactly which pub).


The Northeast Scala Symposium was the conference that really kickstarted my speaking career. It was the first proper talk I gave in English.


This year was pretty wild. I had a total of fourteen flights. I was on two academic conferences and gave one keynote at an industrial conference (Scala eXchange). So far, this was the only keynote I ever gave.


2015 was even wilder than 2014. Same amount of flights, but in addition, I spent two months at Viktor Kunčak’s lab at EPFL. I had already visited the year before for a week.


Nominally, I was travelling less this year than 2015, but also, I organized two conferences, so I still had plenty to do. Due to an unlikely coincidence, I visited the lovely Portuguese city of Coimbra for a second time.




I started working in industry this year, and also defended my PhD thesis. In between, I went to a truckload of conferences and meetups.


February this year was (for now) the last time I attended a physical conference. After that, all online.




End of 2022 I changed jobs, which means that I am now going to fewer engineering conferences, and adding finance events to the mix.

To be continued.