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Profile picture Lars is a consultant with INNOQ in Munich, Germany. They are known as one of the founders of the Typelevel initiative which is dedicated to providing principled, type-driven Scala libraries in a friendly, welcoming environment. A frequent conference speaker, they are active in the open source community, particularly in Scala. They also enjoy programming in and talking about Haskell, TypeScript, Prolog, and Rust. Previously, they were a PhD student at TU München in the field of logic and verification. Their research focus was on techniques for verified code generation from theorem provers.


Pronouns: they/them, er (German only)
Contact email:

📰 I have recently added an Atom feed to this page. It includes all items that I publish here and elsewhere.


Standing invitation

Inspired by Patrick McKenzie, I am offering a standing invitation: If you want to talk research or software, I want to talk to you. For details, check this page.

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Total CO₂ caused by flights: 74 tonnes
Offset so far: 66 tonnes


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