Programmation en Logique


Prolog is one of the most underrated programming languages around; possibly because of its strange syntax and the unusual paradigm. But it is a very nice special-purpose programming language. In this talk, I introduce Prolog’s programming model, showcase some programming domains in which Prolog allows for very concise, elegant programs, and finally describe how it can also be used as a general-purpose tool.


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core.logic edition

At :clojureD 2020, I gave a version of this talk that uses core.logic instead of Prolog.


This talk, given by Lars Hupel, was a super fun look at Prolog, a logical programming language developed in the 70s. […] Lars did a really great job of demonstrating Prolog's uniqueness!
Great talk by @larsr_h on Prolog at @CodeMeshIO. I've never used it before but now I feel like I know enough to pick it up. Thanks for keeping it engaging 👏🏻
I might have implemented an assembler in prolog because of this [talk].
didn’t get to see the Programmation en Clojique talk by @larsr_h live at @clojuredconf, but it is really nice!