JS, Rust, Python and the Holy Graal


In the old times, way back, Java used to be the only JVM language. Later on, a few other players entered the field, such as Jython and JRuby. But those were just for scripting, right? It didn’t take long for compiled languages to catch up. With Scala and Kotlin, we have definitely entered the age of polyglot programming on the JVM. The Truffle project – part of GraalVM – is a promising approach to make it easy, efficient, and seamless to run alternative languages on the same VM as Java. This talk will look at the new age of polyglot programming and all the cool things we can do with it.


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Really great talk! 🙏
Back from #BOBkonf2020. I had a blast. Only caught two talks live (by @ioctaptceb and @larsr_h), they were both very entertaining! I think it's time to give @graalvm a try...
The final talk of #BOBkonf2020 by @larsr_h (@INNOQ) who gives a fantastic wrap-up of #Java's last 20 years, how @graalvm compiles and optimizes arbitrary languages, how partial evaluation works and which new language capabilities to expect. +1 for that duck typing slide 😂