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Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Gender

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Are you storing gender in your database?

Are you having trouble with those annoying queers being annoying about it?

Chances are you’re the annoying one.

But don’t worry, this list will clear up some common misunderstandings.

  1. There are only two genders.
  2. Okay, maybe not. But there are only two biological sexes.
  3. Fine. Let’s just use “M”, “F” and “X”, that’s sufficient.
  4. People will be happy to enter their gender into my amazing app.
  5. People have a gender.
  6. The gender (or non-gender) of a person is constant.
  7. “Transgender” is a gender.
  8. “Cis” is not a thing.
  9. Trans people are gay.
  10. Trans people are straight.
  11. Trans people are either male or female.
  12. I have never interacted with a trans person in real life, so I won’t have to care.
  13. The existence of trans or gender-nonconforming people is a recent phenomenon.
  14. It is grammatically invalid to use “they” to refer to a single person.
  15. People have only recently started to use “they” to refer to a single person.
  16. Neo-pronouns are hard to implement.
  17. But it hurts me because I totally understand how language works.
  18. Pronouns correspond to gender.
  19. I don’t have to respect people’s wishes about how they want to be adressed.
  20. I know the difference between gender and sex.
  21. I can look at someone’s DNA and can figure out their sex.
  22. Everyone has either a XX or XY chromosome configuration.
  23. People who don’t have either a XX or XY configuration know that they don’t.
  24. XX means biological woman. XY means biological man.
  25. The Y chromosome is either present in all of a person’s cells or it isn’t.
  26. Period tracking is only for women.
  27. Well, men can’t have periods, can they?
  28. Wait, XY people can have uteruses? Are you joking?
  29. There is no way XY people can conceive children.
  30. Parents have opposite genders.
  31. Biological parents have opposite genders.
  32. I should ask for gender.
  33. I need to figure out how to address someone, so surely I need gender information.
  34. A machine learning algorithm will tell me if someone is male or female.
  35. I should build an algorithm to infer gender.
  36. Gender or sex are relevant for my business domain.


The list of references is incomplete. Feel free to add more here.